Managing Carbon Impacts

Energy Supply

Renewable energy originates from a source that is not depleted when used, such as the wind.This form of energy is more beneficial Read More

Land use

There are 3952 million hectares of land covered in forest or 30% of the worlds land. However, every year 12.9 million hectares per year Read More


Transport emissions in 2004 amounted to +26% of all world energy, 95% of transportation using oil based fuel.Policies have been put in place Read More

Residential and Commercial

Buildings are affecting climate change through inefficiency. In order to reduce carbon emissions builders can reduce energy consumption Read More


Agriculture releases a significant amount of C02, CH4 (methane) and N20 (nitrous Oxide) into the atmosphere, from the decay or burning of litter or soil Read More


C02 (carbon dioxide) contributes 90% of all emissions from the industrial sector ,this shows how big a contributor it is to climate change Read More